9 Lateral Head Tricep Exercises For Max Gains

Want to sculpt powerful triceps?

Or looking to beef up your triceps?

Great! I’m here to guide you through nine killer exercises explicitly targeting the lateral head of your triceps. This part of your arm is crucial for a horseshoe-shaped look.

Whether you’re a gym newbie or a someday lifter, these exercises will amp up your arm workouts and bring you closer to those maximum gains.

Let’s find out these effective workouts. I’ll break down each one, showing you how to do them with the correct angle.

Plus, I’ll share tips to keep you safe and injury-free. Ready to pump up those triceps?

What is Lateral Head Tricep Exercise?

Lateral head tricep exercises focus on the outer portion of the triceps muscle, mainly from the back of your upper arm. This area is most vital for a defined arm appearance.

However, exercises like pushdowns and tricep dips uniquely target and isolate the lateral head. They involve extending the elbow against resistance. It strengthens this specific part of the triceps.

Who needs to Perform Tricep Exercises?

Whether you’re swinging a tennis racket or just handing your groceries. The powerful triceps are the hidden lifters.

Are you an athlete? Sure, you need them for that extra edge in power and endurance. Or a bodybuilder? Absolutely, for sculpting those envy-inducing arms.

Other than health-conscious individuals, they’re for parents pushing strollers. The weekend warriors in the backyard, or anyone who wants to up their game in daily tasks.

Are you recovering from an injury?

Tricep workouts are your ticket back to strength.

  1. Boost Arm Strength: Upgrade your lifting, pushing, and pulling power effortlessly.
  2. Define Your Arms: Achieve a striking, well-defined arm shape.
  3. Balance Your Build: Create a symmetrical, well-proportioned physique.
  4. Joint Protection: Strengthen joints to keep injuries at bay.
  5. Improve Steadiness: Keep your arms going strong and longer.
  6. Upper Body Power: Make lifting and pushing movements easier.
  7. Improve Posture: Strengthen arms and shoulders for a better stance.
  8. Ease of Movement: Enjoy smoother, more comfortable daily motions.
  9. Stronger Grip: Gain a firmer hold in sports and everyday tasks.
  10. Burn Calories: Amp up your fitness regime for better weight management.

Top 9 Lateral Head Tricep Exercises

These are the top nine workouts for lateral head triceps:

  • Tricep Dips

Start your routine with tricep dips. This exercise can be done using parallel bars at the gym or a bench. Lowering and raising your body with your arms targets the lateral head effectively.

  • Skull Crushers

Next, move on to skull crushers. Lie on a bench with a barbell, and lower it towards your forehead by bending the elbows. This exercise is excellent for isolating the lateral head.

  • Overhead Tricep Extension

Then, try the overhead tricep extension. Use a dumbbell or a cable machine, extending your arms above your head. It’s a fantastic move for hitting the lateral head from a different angle.

  • Diamond Push-Ups

Following up, diamond push-ups are an excellent bodyweight exercise. By placing your hands close together in a diamond shape, you have to focus shifts toward lateral triceps.

  • Rope Tricep Pushdown

Next in line is the rope tricep pushdown. Using a rope attachment on a cable machine, push down through your forearms. Then, focus on contracting the triceps at the bottom of the movement.

  • Barbell Tricep Pushdown

Switching up, use a barbell attachment for pushdowns. This variation alters the grip and angle slightly. It also provides a different stimulus to the head.

  • One-Arm Dumbbell Extension

For a unilateral exercise, try one-arm dumbbell extensions. Doing one arm at a time allows for concentrated focus on each lateral head.

  • Kickbacks

Kickbacks with dumbbells are next. Bend over with a dumbbell in each hand, and extend your arms back. It’s a precise move that really targets the lateral part.

  • Close-Grip Bench Press

Finally, finish with the close-grip bench press. This variation of the bench press shifts the emphasis more toward your triceps. It gives you a compound movement to round off the session.

The Bottom Line

All in all, lateral head tricep exercises will build a handsome arm. The more you do it on a consistent basis, the better you’ll see the results. Diet and rest are also necessary to see muscle growth.

Otherwise, you’ll run out of energy and soon give up due to fatigue. Another piece of advice is to pause these workout reps to relax the muscles.

All these nine exercises require proper technique. Make sure to do it under the coach’s supervision. A lousy angle can also lead to injury or hurt the arm joints.


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