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Hardik Pandya Marriage Date

Hardik Pandya Wife, Natasa Stankovic:

In this article, we’ll discuss Hardik Pandya’s wife, Natasa Stankovic. Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya has perhaps faced several setbacks in his short and brief illustrious career. But his marriage with Natasa Stankovic might have been the tonic that resumed his playing career and for the better.

The last few months have not only been highly productive for Hardik Pandya as a player but also his personal life. And it might worth be dissecting Hardik and Natasa Stankovic’s journey together so far.

Since the time 2020 kicked off, Hardik Pandya’s life has been on an absolute roll. While the Baroda lad had already established himself as a top-notch player of serious potential, a series of injuries had impacted his career. But 2020 was the year when it all began coming together for him. It could be the turning point of his life.

It started with the 27-year old all-rounder announcing his engagement. Then he announced Natasa’s pregnancy. Then came a second consecutive successful campaign with the Mumbai Indians, and finally a stellar outing in Australia.

Hardik Pandya And Wife Natasa Take Their Next Significant Steps:

Pandya got married to his wife Natasa Stankovic. Soon after, Hardik announced that they were expecting their first child. He once again took to Instagram to reveal all of it. On the 30th of July last year, it took birth – a baby boy, who they named Agastya. But he had to part ways with his family to leave for the UAE for IPL 2020. It finally took shape in September after multiple postponements.

Hardik Pandya, Natasa Stankovic
Hardik Pandya, Natasa Stankovic (Credits: Instagram)
Either way, the story of Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic has indeed been cute and lovely thus far. One can only wish for Hardik to keep prospering in his personal and professional life without any major hiccups.

Hardik Pandya Announced His Engagement With Natasa Spontaneously:

It was on the last day of 2019 that Hardik first shared a picture with Natasa Stankovic on Instagram, giving the caption “Starting the year with my firework”. It merely seemed as if both were the best of friends. But the very next day, he announced his engagement with her along with some magnificent pictures and videos. The pair performed their engagement on a cruise amid a party with some friends.

During a live session with reputed cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle, Hardik opened up on his engagement story, claiming that even his parents were unaware of his plans. He confessed to his elder brother, Krunal Pandya that he has found someone in his life that is also enabling him to become better. The family entirely supported him in the same.

“My parents also didn’t know that I was getting engaged. Two days before (the engagement), I told Krunal. I told him, ‘I have had enough. I have found someone in my life who I love, and I am becoming better’. They (family) backed me and told ‘do whatever you want’,” Hardik stated.

Cricketer Hardik Pandya just announced his wedding and pregnancy with fiance Natasa Stankovic and we are in awe. He just broke the social media with his pictures and everyone is stunned. Hardik and Natasa had a small and intimate wedding which grabbed everyone’s attention and has become the talk of the town.

The two had also made an announcement of their engagement on social media in a similar manner on the first day of 2020 where Hardik proposed to her on a yacht and we think it is all sort of dreamy. He truly knows how to shock his fans with some great news.

Hardik took to his Instagram to not only announce the news of his marriage but also told us that they are expecting a baby. He wrote “Natasa and I have had a great journey together and it is just about to get better Together we are excited to welcome a new life into our lives very soon.

Hardik Pandya Marriage Date

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