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How Much does it Cost to Assemble a Gaming PC

 Assemble a Gaming PC:

Are you ready to build a gaming PC? Well, you have clicked on the right video. Hello and welcome to our 2021, gaming PC tutorial, proudly sponsored by our friends here at Micro Center. By the end of this video, you should have everything you need to know on not only picking out your components but also how to put them together and build yourself that sweet new gaming rig.

Shall we get started? The first place to start is with your processor. Now this is really the brain of the system and it will impact, a lot of your performance across the board. And today we’re gonna be taking advantage, of the Ryzen 5, 5600X.

Now of course, this has been an incredibly popular processor and therefore it is not the easiest to find. Although of course, we’ll have links, to all of the components we’re using, in the description of this video, this is a great place to start.

00Now when it comes to building yourself a gaming PC, the gaming part is kind of important and that is where graphics card comes in. Now, in this case, we’re going with the GigabyteAORUS MASTER RTX 3070.

This is a high-end card. It’s not incredibly over the top, Assemble a Gaming PC like a 3090 or something would be, but this is a solid option. Especially if you wanna build something, in that, high, but not extreme kind of price category, which is what this whole build is all about.

How Much does it Assemble a Gaming PC

Now the next part is a little bit more complicated and it is your motherboard. So there are a bunch ofthings to keep in mind when choosing a motherboard, but the most basic version of it is this. A motherboard is essentially the motherboard that you connect all of your components to. First of all, you need to make sure, that it is compatible with your CPU. So you see a little AMD Ryzen logo here.

This means that it will work, with our Ryzen 5 processor. But the other thing thatyou need to consider, is the actual chipset and the features that are on board. So this is a B550 board, which means that it should, fully support everything, on our Ryzen 5 processor. So this is an ATX board. This is the standard size. You’ve got seven slots.

You can load up like graphics card, you can throw in like network card, wifi, all kinds of stuff, including capture card, right. This is probably what most people, are gonna wanna go for. But for our purposes, the B550 AORUS MASTER is perfect. Next up, we have our memory, otherwise known as RAM. Now, this is a little bit more simple. There are only two things, you really need to pay attention to. Well, three, if you care about the aesthetic and the RGB. But two as far as the actual functional difference. First of all, 16 gigs I think, is a good sweet spot, for a lot of game PC builds.

So this one is clocked at 3,600 megahertz. This is a good sweet spot, for Ryzen both third and fifth generation. Obviously, you need to save a couple of bucks, you can go a little bit, lower than that. But that is the kit, that we’ve opted for here. Assemble a Gaming PC So today we are gonna be using, probably the best SSD on the market for gamers right now, which is the Samsung 980 PRO. Not only is this gonna give you incredibly fast load times but also is gonna give.

you plenty of storage space as well. Now we’ve got all ofour shiny new components but the only thing we’re missing here, besides the case, is something to power them with. Which is where the aptly named power supply comes in. So this is the NZXT C750,

which is what we’re gonna use, for this system. When it comes to picking yourself a power supply, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, is the wattage. Kind of self-explanatory. The whole purpose, of the power supply,¬† is to power your components. Now they do actually, come in a couple of different sizes. So there are small form factor supplies. Those are usually only used, for very small form factor builds. Most of the time, you’re gonna use a standard size ATX. But, if you take a look on the back of this box, you’ll see a little 80 plus gold badge.

This is important. Now while, yes, we can certainly get a cheaper 750-watt power supply. Those are generally not 80 plus rated and you really wanna look, for that 80 plus rating. Now comes the fun part, the case. Now, this is really where you get to customize your system, right? So of course you can pick the actual level of performance of your components. But the case is the most visual part, right? So this is very much gonna come down, to what you want your gaming PC to look like.

So this right here, isa mid-tower ATX chassis. This is probably the most, common, sor

Assemble a Gaming PC

t of case you’re gonna find and this will be able tofit all of our components. And then some we can add water cooling. We can do a lot of stuff, inside this chassis.

Now before we finish up. There’s one more item, that you may or may not need, which is a CPU cooler. Now, to clarify, you need a CPU cooler. The difference is, some processors actually come with, pretty decent stock heat sinks in the box. We’re gonna go with the NZXT Kraken X53. Every case has different configurations, for.

how big the radiator can be. We have our 980 pro SSD and Assemble a Gaming PC we have our four fans even though it shows up as three because we have it all connected. All right. So with that, I’m gonna make sure that the RAM module improperly seated and we have successfully built ourselves a gaming PC. From here, go ahead and turn it off. Do a little bit of cable management, tie some things up in the back,

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