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Apartment in London Property Market 2021

Want to know what £650,000 will buy you in the London property market? Well make sure to check out this latest video! Hi everyone I’m Ugo Arinzeh with Onyx property consultants and Keller Williams. Thanks so much for watching this youtube channel. I love sharing with you great things about the London property market as wellas living in this fabulous city. If you’re new to my channel please make sure to hit subscribe and hit that notification bell as I put out weekly content that you definitely don’t want to miss! With the average price of the London property being £605,000 as of August 2020 based on the zoopla report which is one of the online portals here in London,

we decided to round it up to £650,000 and then check out go across London and see what that will actually buy you in the different boroughs,areas and parts of London. Starting in northwest London in zone 2 you’ll beable to find some two-bedroom flats in the area around West Hampstead which is a great area for families but also is highly desirable forprofessionals as well. This two-bedroom, one-bath flat is on thelower ground floor but actually comes with the private garden which is a really nice feature that many people are looking for right now.

It also has its own entrance and it’s in a convertedterrace house so giving it the classic look and feelbut this one’s been actually modernized so making it contemporary. The location on Iverson road is quite ideal as it’s near the West Hampstead tubeoverground and thames link stations at 667 square feetit comes in at £974 per square foot.Not too far away in south Hampstead you go down to a one bedroom flat like thisone on Compayne Gardens.

What’s ironic is thatit’s larger than the two bed in West Hampstead at 734 square feetand also has a private garden and is a leasehold property. Compayne gardens is a lovely street and you’re near the Finchley road tubestation which is one stop closer than WestHampstead into central London. Price per square foot is £885but the question is do you give up the extra bedroom? Also I noticed that on this layout you’d have to go through the bedroom to get to the bathroom which is not ideal.

Next up is heading to Maida Vale whichis also a beautiful leafy neighborhood innorthwest London, not far from south Hampstead and westHampstead but it is more pricey and in this caseyou will get a one bedroom flat on Randolph Avenuejust moments from the Maida Vale tube station this share of freehold propertyis located on the first floor in a lovely red brick terrace house. Itlooks in pretty good condition and at 603 square feetit calculates £1077 per square foot.

By the way if you want to know the difference between a leasehold propertyor share freehold property, which is definitely a big difference andyou definitely want to understand that, make sure to check out my latest videoon the difference between a sharehold and leasehold property. Heading back towhat we can get in London, what about prime central London? It’szone one location and it’s definitely the area that most people want to liveif they can afford it.

It’s home to many of the common attractions we know oflike parliament, big Ben, the thames river, London bridge,it’s got some wonderful areas but is definitely quite pricey,but we were able to discover a few options, some smaller than others. In fabulous Marylebone you can get a 300square foot one bedroom, one bath flat on the third floor of a period buildingwithout a lift. It’s located on Blandford street just off of Marylebone highstreet and above shops.

Good thing for you is thatBlandford street is home to my favorite Indian restaurant Trishnaso you may have to factor in a mega food budget if you live so close by! Price per square foot comes in at a whopping £1752 so this flat is probably more suited for an international buyer thatwants a central London pied a terre. So, have any of these caught your eye? Make sure to leave me a note in the comment section below! Moving on with our list, for a bit more space and still in central London, you can find this one-bedroom flat in Fitzrovia,

which is a cool little neighborhood next to Marylebone as well as world-famousOxford street and it’s known for its great restaurants. This flat is located on the third floor with no lift in a period building. At 600 square feet the layout is quite good and you have a separate kitchenthat you might look to reconfigure update over time. Price per square foot on this is more modest at £1,083 which is not much more than you would spend on the Maida Vale flatthat we found located back in zone two.

As we head a bit more East you’ll also have a good range of options in an areaaround Old street in east London which has apostcode of EC1V. There you have everything from a firstfloor studio flat with balcony measuring 392 square feet at the atlas building, just moments from Old street this is a high-end buildingwith 24-hour concierge, pool, gym, lounge, and theatre for residents. Price per square foot comes in at £1,658.

Not too far away,also around Old street you can get a three-bedroom masonette in a localauthority development that’s about a 15-minute walk to theclosest tube station which is Barbican. You’ll also noticethat the units are above a shop which puts off many buyers. On the plusside it comes in at 872 square feet and is well located near the city whichis the financial hub of London which is nearby. Price per square foothere is only £745.

Going west we land in Earl’s Court whichis just beyond South Kensington. You have beautiful Victorian homes,lovely neighborhoods, and being close to South Kensington, which is a premium area of London is also really appealing. Here you willstill mostly get a one bedroom flat like this one on Curtfield Gardens,this flat is located on the third floor of a classic Victorian terrace homeand has access to communal gardens.

It’s just moments away from Earl’s Court tubestation making it super convenient to get around London. At 452 square feet this equates to £1,483 per square foot but where canyou actually get the best value for money? Well in every metriceast London is still going to be the most affordable part of Londonand sure enough that’s where you seem to get the most for your £650,000 depending on what you’re looking for I was able to find this great flat in Canary Wharf the newer financial district, home of thesoaring towers of global financial institutions, there you can find a luxurytwo-bedroom flat on the 12th floor of pan Peninsula square.

With the balcony offering panoramic views of London, it’s also the first time we’re able to actually get two bathrooms including alarge ensuite and walk-in closet. The development has 24-hour concierge, a pool, gym, bar, library, and cinema room. At 850square feet it comes in at £764 per squarefoot which is one of the best values we’veseen. So what do you think of the options we presented in this video?

We saw everything from studio flats to the one bedroom in Marylebone at370 square feet which came in at the most expensive price per square foot of £1700 per square foot, we also sawthe two-bedroom with balcony in a luxury development with concierge and pool and gym which came in a 764square feet in Canary Wharf which wasn’t actuallythe lowest price per square foot, that was the three bedroom maisonette around Old Street but is in a local council development so the exterior might not be as appealing.

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